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"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 106 -
Sleep, your other life

We came here on earth to live two lives, one is a life by day, the other one at night. 
We usually think that life during the day is the only life. But what about the time when 
we close our eyes and sleep, dream, and visit another world? The time when you are 
way out, in bed and far away from daily life. Most people think: "Oh, I had a bad dream" 
or "I'm still tired of last night". A lot happens during the night and most of those things 
are far beyond imagination. Some dreams you can remember, others are like science 
fiction stories. Some of them are strange, as if they are not a part of your life. 

What is going on here?
Night is the time when you often travel to another dimension. To a place where many 
things  happen. It is also a time when your soul goes deeper into your present life, the 
past and the future. Time is no problem for your soul and it does not need your body to 
travel and visit other dimensions. Your body is resting in bed or in a chair, recharging 
with new energy. Your soul does not need rest and goes to other lives in other places. 
The soul goes to situations that are coming up in these dimensions. Some people 
believe they are travelers in space and others experience something as if they are 
picked up by UFOs. One is in the middle of a perfect scene and another person has 
a fight. All of these are situations that are real at that particular moment. When you 
are going through such a situation, you can hardly come out of it. Why is it so difficult 
to step out of a bad dream? Actually, you want to finish it or leave it, but it keeps 
coming back and it keeps going on. At that moment, you find yourself in another world. 
There are people who have an explanation for every dream. They can tell your entire 
life story from a dream. Why do they try to put the night world in the day world? 
The way we live at the moment, does not match with the idea that there is more than 
just this earth and this one life. People today try hard to explain everything. 
They believe they need a reason or an answer for everything. That is why they write 
about dreams and the stories behind them.

This is the reason why I want to present my version here and try to make you see my 
point of view. Of course you don't need to believe me; it is not up to me to convince 
others or to claim that my point of view is better than someone else's. Time will 
tell. Some will need more time or more answers before they get to the stage and the 
feelings that came up in me when I wrote these things.

Dreams are our second life, which is more than just a good or a bad dream. 
As I wrote above, it is another world, another dimension, which we enter when we 
sleep. It is important that we experience these trips, because we need them when 
we are awake. Most dreams are stories, related to what we have done during the 
day. They were situations that we could not handle at that moment, so they keep 
following us at night. At night, some of these stories get an exceptional turn and 
sometimes it is as if there is no answer. In a dream, the situation takes over your 
other part, which is completely different and on another timeline. What can I do when 
I am floating 25 floors above the ground and I have problems with my bank? They are 
not the same situations at one time! Situations such as flying from one tree to another 
and having a problem with your car. Most of the time, things are placed in ridiculous 
situations and then it looks as if you are in the middle of a science fiction movie. 
All of that happens because you take the day life into the night life. But there is more. 
In a night life, everything is possible; you can fly and do things you can't imagine, 
which is what makes a dream feel like science fiction. But couldn't that be real? 
Why do we think we cannot fly, cannot float high in the sky or do extra ordinary things? 
At those moments, fear appears and our mind tells us that something is impossible! 
All restrictions are things we believe in. During our night life, the brain rests and does 
not tell us what we can't do. The brain is not active and we are separated from our 
bodies, doing things we can't imagine. Dreams are then reality; the same happens 
when you play a virtual reality game. It is there, you see it and you can do it. In your 
dream, the real person comes alive and every time it gives you the feeling that you 
can do more than you would ever believe!

The night job we have, is not just a job. It is our real life, our parallel life, which starts 
the minute our brain rests to recharge. We can learn a lot from this parallel life. First, 
there are no limitations. All limitations you have, come from your brain, which tells 
you that there are things you cannot do. Second, your parallel life gets you on track. 
It gives you the information you need in your waking state in life. Third, your parallel 
life is connected with your higher self. This means that you are connected with the 
rest of your soul here and in the Universe. The information you need for your life 
when you are awake, you get from there.

Maybe you need to think all this over. When the time has come for you, you will 
understand what I have written. All I want is for you to feel the essence of my words. 
Do not throw away the knowledge you get when you dream. And do not waste the 
information by telling yourself "It was just a dream". Think about what happened. 
Try to see the connection and the story behind this second world. You will come to 
a point when you realize that there is more going on than meets the eye. Learning, 
feeling and believing are important in most things and also in this part of life. 
A dream is your second life and therefore it will give you solutions and answers. 
It shows you the path to go in your life during the day. Believe it or not, it's up to you. 
Time will tell, and because of there is no time, the answer is already there!

(Chapter 106)




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