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"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 105 -
Ego, the dark side of a human being

This is the second part of Mr. Ego. In the first part, I wrote about the ego and our soul. 
Ego is not a part of our soul, but the negative side of a human being. 
Let us look more closely at this "Ego".

- What is ego?
- What does ego do to you?
- What can we do with ego?
- Is ego dangerous?
- Do we need ego?
- What about a life without ego?

When you answer these questions, I hope that you will see what ego does to your life 
and the people around you.

First question: What is ego?
Ego is a part of your brain that believes everything turns around yourself. Every 
human being lives in his own world and everything should go the way he thinks is 
best. Your law is the right one and those of others are questionable and maybe even 
wrong. We do not really listen to others, because when they talk, we already have our 
own story standby and we can hardly wait to tell it. The reason is that we want to
force our point of view on others. Ego is an area in a human body, which is there 
because people believe that only one thing is important: I have to survive! Whatever 
it takes, I have to survive.
I! The word "I", no more than a single letter, which sums up your ego. This letter 
dominates your life completely. "I want to be in the picture", "Look what I did" or
"I'm the greatest". I, I, I. This "I world" emerged when people started to manipulate and 
dominate. It was no longer fighting to survive, but fighting to gain control over others. 
In the past, some wise men, named Jesus and Buddha came to earth and with them, 
the people of the circle of brotherhood. These people showed us a path to follow and 
told us how to live. What happened? Other people took these words totally out of 
context and distorted their meaning. They even wrote their ideas down in books. 
As a result, the first holy books are based on misinterpretations of these spoken 
words. By then, the first domination had started in a new world. Every time the books 
were rewritten, they changed in such a way that powerful people were able to 
dominate others even more. The ego of these people grew beyond control. 
All churches and temples are dominated by them and they suppress many people 
around them. Ego was not only created by these books, but also by the system that 
came up. Many people adopted this, because it gave them fame, made them feel 
greater in this world, or so they thought. Ego is something the most dangerous 
people are full of. Look at Bush, Napoleon, Bin Laden, Hitler and Stalin, all these 
so-called great people, are full of their own egos. But there is also an "I world" 
created by other people. Don't forget yourself, you do that too, when you place 
yourself above others. Why should you be more than the tramp walking down the 
street? He is also a human being! Why do you think that you are better than your 
colleagues at your work? They are human beings too and they also do their best
in their eyes. Why should you be more important than that girl sitting in a park 
watching the birds? Why do you think, you need a nicer house than your neighbor 
or a bigger car than the next guy? It is all because you are struggling with your ego. 
Your ego believes that it is the best, the greatest and the most important thing here 
on earth. That ego is a product of your mind and the system, which tells your brain 
what is important and what is not.

Now we come to the second question:
What does ego do to you?
To answer this question, I could fill my entire hard disk or an entire library. But it's 
better to give some examples. You can see then what ego does to you. The ego, 
the mighty voice that tells you what to do. The same voice that, when you do 
something in another way, tells you:  It's not the right thing. For example, you 
suddenly feel that you have to call someone and you walk to the phone. Then you 
get a message through your mind: "Oh no, maybe he is busy, he has no time and 
besides, what do I have to tell him?" That voice stops you from calling the person 
you are thinking of. A few days later, you get a phone call and guess what, that 
person has had an accident. You listened to that voice and therefore missed the 
contact. The same voice tells you: Hey man, you are the best! You are the greatest! 
But also: I need more! More? More of what? Attention, I need more attention. 
Don't let me sit here and don't ignore me. I need attention, every second! 
Don't let me wait here, while you are thinking about life and others, it is me who 
counts, me, me, me! That ego is always asking for attention. The ego builds an 
"attention demander" in everything you do. Look around you at the things you have, 
all those material things and all that luxury. All part of your ego! You want them, 
because your ego created them! Let's go on. You are talking to a friend and in the 
middle of a discussion you try to convince your friend that you are right. You think 
your opinion is the right one. Again, your ego is trying to dominate the other and 
forces its will onto your friend. There is more. Your ego is working day in day out to 
get attention, even when you are playing with your children and believe that you, 
as an adult, are always right. In short, your ego is everywhere and it tries to achieve 
only one thing: to get more, more and more! It is a second life in your life, which is 
built of attention. The ego wants a career, to be on top, to be the best, and the 
highest and so on. It does not care for others, it is only the ego that matters and 
should win. But there are many problems with Mr. Ego. Always winning is 
impossible and you will also lose. Being on top all the time is not feasible, 
so sometimes you end up at the bottom. But as you see, Mr. Ego needs to control 
everything, and does not want to miss a thing. But in the world of ego, there is never 
enough and a perpetual need for more. Do you remember that perfect place and 
perfect spot when you thought that it was the best moment in life? It was a good 
moment, because you had forgotten about your ego and you felt the "real life" for a 
while. Mr. Ego will do everything to prevent you from getting that moment back, 
because at that time, he was not important to you and there was nothing there 
telling him that he was the greatest. The ego is almost always there and it gives
the people a hard time. Listening to an ego is like creating hell in your life, because 
you always want more and always better.

I think you already have the answer to the question: "What can we do with ego?"
It is clear that it makes a hell out of your life. The ego will never be satisfied, because
it will always ask for more and it will find a way to get it. Many people are stuck with 
their ego! That needs not be so, because we can lose it, IF WE WANT! It's up to you. 
The answer to this question is clear: the ego does not good to us, if we want to live
a Universal life.

Is ego dangerous?
I am glad, that in the most lives, people do not get the power like some people have 
here on earth. People like Hitler, Stalin, Castro and Bush, are the ones with major
ego problems. Their motto is to get more, always more and everything is about their 
ego. There are many people like that: captains of industry, film tycoons and fashion 
icons, business people and of course politicians. All of them are dangerous "ego 
people", who always need publicity and attention. But it can even be a problem in 
families, if someone thinks that he is the best or feels powerful and so terrorizes the 
rest of the family. Ego is very dangerous and the cause of most problems.

Next question: Do we need ego?
No, we do not need ego. Ego is not life, and besides, material things and domination 
are not real life. The system needs the ego, or rather, you need it to get into the system. 
All that materialism, domination and ego things, are very important for the system. 
But in Universal life, fame, materialism and earthly things, are not. So ego is not 
needed and we can live without it.

The last question: What about a life without ego?
Well, that would be great. No domination, no materialism and no hurting each other! 
We can talk to people who have their own stories, their own points of view. That way, 
we can learn from each other. A life without ego is definitely possible. It is up to you. 
We do not need ego if we believe in ourselves and neither do we need all that
materialism and power around us. Because the ego keeps creating that "world of 
more". Ego is there because we want it and allow it. We all live with an ego, therefore 
we have something in us that wants us to get on top. That is why there are so many 
wars and so much fighting. If we stop listening to our ego, there will be no greed and 
no fighting any longer. It is possible, if you realize what ego is doing to you. Look at 
what your ego is telling you, but do not act the way it wants you to do. Allow the 
feelings to come out of your heart and soul. Let them tell you what to do. When you 
get a negative message, watch out: it is your ego! If you get a nice feeling about 
something, it means that your soul is trying to tell you something and that is the right 
path. Everything that has a message that tells you to get more, just leave it. Do not 
listen to such negative thoughts. It is important that you see for yourself what is going 
on. See how your life is going. Is it about material things, fame and domination? 
How are things at home, with your family, your friends and at work? Do not dominate,
 just listen. Listening is very important in life. By listening to your feelings, so to your 
heart and your soul, you will get the connection with the Universe.

Whatever your ego is telling you to do, is negative. What your heart and soul are
telling you, comes from understanding and is therefore positive energy. That will 
always be the best you can get. No fame, no materialism and no power, but a true 
life full of positivism and positive people around you. It will give you a happy family, 
people at work who understand you and who will see in you a special person.

Ego, forget it, it leads nowhere.

(Chapter 105)




"Being human is helping each other"


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