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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 104 -

Let's talk about how we experience old people. We have different feelings about them. 
Not because they are human beings, but simply because they are old! In the western 
world and in some cultures, the word "old" means not participating in a work process 
and not being part of a busy life. Being old implies illness. Sometimes old people are 
difficult to understand. They are people who are no longer needed in life. To be put in 
a rest home. Old people have a strange view on life, which is difficult to understand 
for us. You probably know what I am talking about.

Let's begin with the time when we start to become old. We work hard, do the things 
we think important. Day in day out, we go from point A to B, to accomplish our jobs. 
All the information we need in life, we get by learning. Then there comes a time when 
our system tells us that we are too old. Too old to keep concentrating and therefore to 
take part in the work process. It is over, go home and sit. Sit and wait until the day 
comes when you will be released of your body. This feels degrading, because there 
is something wrong, very wrong. We are talking about human beings who are old, 
wise and full of information. People who did their jobs for many years and have 
learned a lot. They have experienced life, and thus have acquired a specific point 
of view about life. Many have reached a point where they can see beyond earthly life. 
Now they live their lives accordingly. We should surely want to learn from old people.

In some cultures, old people are the centre of the group, family or culture. Because 
you are old, you have the answers to all questions. Young people will come to you 
and listen to your stories and messages. Old people are the centre of culture. 
Everyone respects them and learns from them.

What can you learn from old people? EVERYTHING! Because they have the solutions 
that we younger people do not have and know not where to find. Old people are full of 
wisdom and full of energy. Having energy does not mean that you have to work like a 
horse or act like a hurricane. Energy can also be just sitting in a chair, watching 
around and observing what is happening. Old people are full of energy and wisdom 
about life and the Universe. Some of them are further in life than others. There are 
some who can share their wisdom easily, and others who cannot find the right words. 
But all of them realize that there is something more and that life is just a small piece 
in the Universe. Have you recently talked to an older person? When you talk to them, 
don't you get a feeling as if you are talking to a younger person? Sometimes, when 
you are talking with older people, you get short sentences or only one word. Those are 
short stories, which include a message, which we do not want to understand. When 
you were a child, how many times did you go to your grandma, crying? And then you 
told her your problem, or the pain you had. What kind of an answer did you get? 
Everything will be all right, don't be afraid and let's play a little. Those are the answers 
from old and wise people, who know that behind every pain there is pleasure. 
The elderly always have solutions for the young, you can count on that. Why? Because 
old people know, directly or indirectly, that time will heal all problems. Time does not 
exist! That is right, but many people do not know that. The only thing they experience 
is that after a while, every problem is solved. Not always in the way you expect, but the 
right solution will always come. The wisdom that older people have, is very important 
for us and we need it in life. Older people have lived their lives for many years. They 
had lots of problems to solve and they experienced many good and bad things.
But one thing is that they can see that every time there will be a solution for any 
problem. Time is the solution to everything. We, younger people, think we can 
manipulate time. We think we can rush things. That's why most problems take so 
long to be solved. After a lifetime, the problem is probably still there, because we 
tried to manipulate the situation. Older people have found out that taking that one 
moment and live that second, solves everything.

It hurts me when I see the old people in our western cultures being placed in big
buildings, with a doorkeeper. They are placed away from us and thus the young no 
longer see them as very important. We do not regard them as the people we can 
learn from. But as old ones we do not need any longer and who are a drag.

I believe that we should at least listen to them, bring them back into our lives and learn 
from them. While we listen to them and observe them, we will reach that point sooner 
where we know that life is not the system we live in, but it is tolerating each other.
I love the elderly. They are very interesting and I love to draw old people, to 
experience their lives and their wisdom. Growing old does not mean approaching 
an end, but cherishing the knowledge of the Universe. 

(Chapter 104)




"Being human is helping each other"


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