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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 103 -

Bush, Castro, Caesar, Ceausescu, Franco, Hitler, Hussein, Napoleon, Mao, Marcos, 
Stalin. A few names with the same connection. The connection with death, pain, 
domination and war. All of them were and are politicians with the same goal: 
DESTROY for POWER. This is probably not a good chapter for this book, because 
it is about who and what these person are, but then in a negative way. But, as I wrote 
before, where there is positive energy, there must be negative energy too. I will show 
you what is wrong with them. All the people mentioned above, are dictators in their 
own kind, from the past or the present. They are very powerful people, who believe 
the world belongs to them. Humans are not important to them, a human life means 
little to them. In fact, it means absolutely nothing! It is not important to know the reason 
why these people are like this. We already know what they want: POWER and 
DOMINATION. The way they accomplish their ambitions is interesting to see and to 
analyze. From the day they came on earth, they knew that once they would own the 
world. That is their goal and that is what they want. Some of them did not get beyond 
being a dictator, others thought the world was their domain. 

But why am I writing all this negative stuff? Because we need to realize that as long 
as we allow it, there will be always dictators dominating our lives. I want to put my 
thoughts on paper about the last few years, when Bush and his friends started a plot, 
a war against Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden. Claiming it was "for our 
protection and a war against terrorism," Bush started this war. That was what he 
wanted, because it made his war industry will flourish and gave him more power and 
money, to dominate even more people. My common sense tells me that wars are 
used to feed industries. This explains what is happening today. But to start a war, 
you need an enemy and isn't it better to have an enemy you never really want and 
you will never catch? Terrorism is now something the entire world is fearing. 
A terrorist is someone who is against certain rules or against the way the world is 
going. He believes that he will get his right by killing other people. 

They are very much involved with death and live in a world of terror. They have a 
foolishly negative way of thinking. Death brings death, pain brings pain and war 
brings war: that's what these people don't get. It would be better if Bush and his 
country stopped these negative actions. Instead of making war, the US should make 
a deal with the people it is fighting at the moment. How many more signs or proof do
you want? Saddam was killed by mistake, nobody could find him for a long time. 
The same will happen to Osama Bin Laden, whom nobody can find. And so with 
other people who are at the top of the lists and who will never be found. We should 
understand that all these wars are merely a way of getting more money in bank 
accounts and more power. And to get control over oil and thus to dominate people. 
What I feel is terrible and I do not want to dwell upon it any longer than needed, 
because of all this negative energy. The war against terrorism is not a war against 
a few people, it is just a way to get more power. 

Just look at how everything has developed over the past few years. When Bush 
did not get his money, he overruled everything, in the way a dictator would. 
The same happens with all this intelligence he receives. When something comes 
out that does not suit him, he simply destroys the evidence, so that he can go on. 
What do you think what did really happen September 11th? Day in day out, there 
is an army that controls and destroys. Free country? Forget it. Manipulation is
everywhere and the motto is "join the club or we will destroy your country". We can 
see that not all destruction can be controlled. Just look at China, Cuba and 
Venezuela with Mr. Chávez? They have answers to the boycotts and isolation. 
And it looks as if they are getting more and more countries behind them. 
These countries realize that the way in which the US is managing the world, is based 
on manipulation and indoctrination. It is based on war, pain and death! 

Why did we not learn from people like Stalin, Hitler or Mao? Why do we always let 
them wage wars and thus create a more negative world? It is because we are afraid 
of them, as they have the power to eliminate us, to make us disappear. That is their 
solution for every problem. I see things differently, so destroy me. It does not mean 
that I am no longer there. If you want, you can come back in several human bodies! 
So they have to destroy more and more. We can see it with people like Bush, 
Saddam or Hitler. You can destroy them, but there will always be another person 
who takes over. It is the same in drugs cartels or in the underworld. As soon as you 
have destroyed a person or a group, another one will take its place. 

This brings us to the point of realizing that destroying is useless. Nevertheless, there
is always the power of the masses. When there are enough people who say "no", it 
will be no! We saw that happen with Nixon, the Vietnam War was the ruin of his 
career and power. The same happened with Saddam Hussein, who was killed by 
his own people. We saw this also in the communist world of the GDR and the 
Soviet Union. If there were more people who said NO, something would definitely 
change. These dictators would not have an answer to this simple word! 'No' is a 
power on its own. The first ones to say it, will probably get into trouble or even be 
killed. But all of them will come back and say NO again and with that, the energy 
will change. The positive energy that we need to survive in a world full of wars and 

In short, if you see what I see, then it is clear that it is the likes of Bush who kill their 
own people, while sitting in their ivory towers. They need people to wage their wars 
around the world. There are several of those individuals around the world and more 
are coming. Their seeds are planted to come up when the time is right. They will start 
other terrible wars. These people believe in death and that is why they will always lose. 

Do not be afraid, because being afraid is just what they want. Being afraid is 
something they have introduced and with their instruments of torture, they believe they
can shut you down. That is what may happen to your body, but not to your heart and 
soul! Those will never die and will continue to work with positive energy against war, 
fighting and dominating. Nothing can stop that, not even a death. Believe me, being 
dead is not the end and it will never be, as long as you believe that no torture will have 
any effect on what you started. NO, these two simple letters are the key to everything.


(Chapter 103)




"Being human is helping each other"


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