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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 102 -
The world beyond absolute zero

As we all know, mankind is trying hard to reach absolute zero. A point where we will 
find a start, a beginning or a solution. Do you really think that this point will tell us 
everything? A single molecule, a small part of what you think you see. A single atom, 
which is alone in this big world. That one atom will tell us………. 
What do you think you will find? How earth was created? How life started? How we 
came into this life? Answers that we think we will get if we have gained possession 
of that one atom. But then the moment comes when we get the information of what 
that one atom really implies. And what do we get? We see new life forms, a new 
world in this single atom, in the absolute zero, where we thought we would find all 
answers! We see another world, a new beginning and a new life form. So absolute 
zero is nothing more than the door to a new world.

That must be frustrating for all scientists who have been working hard for many years 
to get to that point. The point they dreamt of. "If we get there, we will have the solutions.
" Absolute zero, an entry point into another world and another dimension. It is certainly 
a dimension, because zero is, for us, an absolute. In the Universe, it is nothing more
than "another step". In the world of matter we think, live and act like matter, because 
that is what we have learned. In the world of the Universe, there is no beginning, no 
end, no time and no matter. Everything is made of energy, and there is no zero. 
We have created that zero, over and over, and we continually set the point higher or 
lower, where we think zero is supposed to be. Zero = nothing. Do you believe in 
nothing? Nothing does not exist, because the nothing is made by something; 
something we call energy in the Universe. Even if I get zero from you, I can feel you 
and I get your energy. Because everything in life is interconnected. Everything has 
something to do with some other part in life, other people and other places. Why do 
we have people around us? Because we like them? Because we need them? 
Do we have to do something for them? No, because they are a part of our energy 
field and so they will come and go, during our life. In that way, they participate in 
Universal life. The way we react when people are around us, provides the Universe 
with the energy it needs. The connections between people, negative or positive, are 
made of energy and that is what we and the Universe are there for. But why do we 
have these negative people around us? Because of the failing system perhaps? 
Or could it be a change of the human race? Is the world changing?
All of these are parts of the same thing, because the human race needs negative input
to find the right positive output! If we only live like we are in paradise, happy, with 
healthy food and a perfect place around us, then what will this mean for the energy? 
This energy will be stable, but not growing. The environment we live in, is a place 
where negative energy is needed, so we can take positive energy to a higher level. 
Every second, this energy goes to another level. Some people believe the next level 
will come soon. I believe the next level is there for the first ones among us and that 
there are already others who have reached higher levels. In the energy world, level is 
not on a specific place, but level is the energy you can feel and master and know what 
to do with. That is why there are at this moment those extreme differences between 
people. Some are violent criminals and believe in war. Others believe in a world of 
understanding and peace. Both kinds of people need each other. I know that it looks 
like the criminals own the world. That is because they get all the attention in the media. 
In the background, there are those who work hard to reach the next level in their lives. 
Some people believe in the "new" indigo children and we should respect them. 
I wrote a couple of chapters on this subject and I believe that these human beings
 have always been there. Now is the time they have to come out. They have the 
strength to take us further. For a long time, we have thought that fighting is the answer 
to everything, because we had adopted the instinct of animals, but even animals are 
not as cruel as we are. Human beings have dropped below the level of animals, and 
now we should grow again. We should start to get back to the level we were at 
thousands of years ago. When we have reached that level again, we are entering the 
world of zero.

Let's return to energy and absolute zero. As you know, in the Universe there is no time, 
so no beginning and no end. This is because everything is turning around in the world 
of energy. Man once thought that the world was flat and we would fall from it if we kept
walking. We now know that the world is round. We believed that we could not go into 
space unlimitedly, because the distances are too great for one human life. If you see 
what I see, you will be silent. All it takes is to believe that there is no time and no 
distance. Why do we always impose limitations on ourselves, believing there are things 
that we cannot do? This is also what happens with this "absolute zero". Why do we 
create a point of limitation? The explanation is easy: because we think it will give us the 
power and the explanation of the creation of the world! The negative energy we put 
into this is so strong, so extreme. We will be very surprised, in a disappointing way, 
when we reach that point.

Working with energy in fields in which you never believed, is dangerous. I am not a 
scientist and I cannot tell you mathematical solutions, nor can I prove new theories. 
It is not up to me to do that. But I can tell you that there are no answers in that point 
called "zero", only a new world. People believe that this zero is interesting, because 
it would enable them to change the world, dominate one atom and build perfect 

This atom is part of the energy field as a whole and we are also parts of that same 
field. This atom is a new world and the minute we reach the point where we separate 
this atom from the energy field, we will enter a world we cannot understand and do 
not know how to work with. A world that is no longer pure matter, but an entrance to 
a new world of energy. It is certainly interesting but we cannot handle it with machines. 
None of the machines we have, none of the knowledge we think we possess will tell 
us what we see and what we can do with it. It will pose a new problem for scientists. 
"What to do now?" This level can no longer be handled with our machines. They 
hope to find in the world of the quantum theory, a solution to go further. Instead, they 
go deeper into a new world and a new science. This science should be built in the 
world of energy. It is true that there are already people who have started this work. 
As far as I can see, these people merely wanted to get publicity. They like to 
manipulate their power. They will not get us any further, as far as I can see. In the 
world of energy, there will never be an explanation when you enter that field with 
these intentions. Energy feels everything, sees everything and is pure. As long as 
we practice science to get more power, we will get stuck in never-ending worlds. 
Those worlds are easy to create, because energy is very flexible, but above all, it 
is pure. So, forget about absolute zero, it does not exist! Absolute zero is another 
point that mankind has created to believe in. I went beyond that point and you can 
go there too if you want. It is the same place where you can enter another dimension.

Now I suppose you think that I am going too far. I admit that I believe in things that are 
perhaps difficult to grasp. If this book still exists in 50 years' time, I know it will be read 
as something normal. There will be a time that this way of thinking and this way of living 
has become part of every life. Believe now what you want, take out of it what you need, 
or even do not believe in it. I know this is a wake-up call for you to get the energy you 
need, later in life. It is not my intention to push you onto a path you cannot believe in. 
It is a path that has to open up in your life. Nobody can help you to find that gate. 
The same gate we will find when we reach the absolute zero, where a new 
dimension presents itself.

(Chapter 102)




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