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"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 101 -
Indigo (part two)

In the previous chapter, I wrote about the "Indigo" children and the hype around it.
I think I will go into more detail here, because I think this "new fashion" may not be 
completely clear.

For hundreds of years, the system has been changing. The last 45 years, the entire 
system has turned around. Both parents had to work and they spent a lot of energy 
getting on track. They worked for many hours, so as to achieve their goals. People 
built large houses and tried to dominate everything they could think of. The children 
who came on earth during those years, were raised in a system of free education. 
Another way of thinking prevailed at the time. Parents did not have the time to listen 
to their children. They were often not there when something went wrong or when their 
children needed help. Children were rarely educated by their parents. Children were 
raised by the system, by other people or even on the streets. These children found a 
way to survive, to get on in life. There are many parents who do not know how their 
children grow up. It is remarkable that these parents now come to the fore, when 
they see there is an Indigo child in their family or a gifted one, who feels, sees and 
believes in another world.

We need to pause here for a while. These stories about ADHD and ADD and Indigo, 
are based on a big mistake in our system. Let me tell you what is really happening.

For example, let's take a child (no matter where he or she comes from or what he or 
she is). That child is the same as one thousand of years ago. It has the same 
capabilities and can do anything it wants, it is the same soul! Children have not 
changed at all over the years, because they come from the same Universe as 
thousands of years ago. The Universe did not change, it has been following a path 
for millions of years and will go on, even after we, human beings have ceased to exist. 
Children come with the same intentions and the same strength as they always did, 
but there is something else. We adults - "older children" - have changed. We have 
changed, because the system has taken control over us. 
- We have stopped feeling, touching and even listening to our children. 
- We have stopped loving them.
- We have stopped being there for them, for we have jobs. 
- We have stopped respecting them, because we believe we are almighty. Therefore 
we are no longer connected with the younger generation. The problem is that we do 
not understand our children any longer. We think that they are overactive, more 
sensitive and more gifted! It just shows that the world of medicine and psychology has 
taken the wrong turn. Show me one of these doctors who is really interested in 
children! Is there anyone of them who really cares about what is going on in a child? 
Do they really watch, follow and learn from youngsters?

What makes me sad is that there are no truly open studies about children, just old 
input from the same system The system that makes the rules and the ways in which 
children have to behave. The system that decides what they have to learn. There were 
no questions, no studies and no input from children. Today, at last, the system is 
losing its grip on youngsters, because there was no interest in them for so long. 
They were just newborns, who had to grow up as quickly as possible, so they could 
work for the system. You can see that clearly today in countries like India, the US 
and China.

We need something new in the western world. We need an explanation why we 
cannot raise our newborns. So a new term was launched: the "Indigo child". 
This should explain exactly why we have so much trouble with our children. 
Children who have never changed. The solution is there now, in case you have
 problems raising your children. The medical world has different names for it, like 
ADD, ADHD, or "Indigo child" (which sounds more mysterious). The best part of
all this is that they have a solution for all these problems. Of course there is a 
solution. The simplest one is to give the child some medication. The problems will 
come later, when they should be old enough to handle them themselves. Another 
solution is more difficult, but it is the solution and the answer we never even thought 
about! What can we, as parents, do? We should listen to them, treat them the same 
as we treat other children. We should respect those children and, most importantly, 
love them! I sometimes wonder whether I am missing something: 
- Is that not what all babies and children need? 
- Is that not what we failed to give, because we were too busy working for the system, 
earning money and collecting objects?
- Is that not what we no longer know? 
Books are being written about Indigo and all its symptoms. The medical world has 
woken up and has come up with a solution! But again, this is just proof of how sick
the system is and that it is losing grip. The system will tell us what to do and we will 
spend millions buying books. 

What our children need, is respect. They need to be loved, touched and understood. 
Children have not changed in all these years. We, adults have changed, we have been 
totally blind and now we think we have found the solution. It is sad that the system is 
breaking us down, over and over again. It comes up with solutions that have always 
been there for free, but now we have to pay for them! Nevertheless, we keep 
following the system that has changed us.

Thanks to a new generation of children, who have a solution and know how to avoid 
being dominated by this sick system, we are returning to a world of loving and 
understanding. It is not the children who have changed, but we, adults, who failed to 
find a way to survive in the new world. We should ask our children for help. We are lost, 
but they have started a fresh new life, full of positive energy. That is what we need in 
order to survive!

(Chapter 101)




"Being human is helping each other"


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