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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 100 -

A great deal is being written about the latest kind of children in a new dimension, 
whom we call "Indigo children". These are children who experience their own world, 
their own vision and their own way of being here in this life. All these children look 
gifted and usually have a higher IQ than normal. It is a long story that I have to tell you, 
unless you prefer the short version. In short I can tell you this: the children that are born,
 have not changed, but we adults now have a different way of living and thinking. 
This may sound disappointing for many medical people and parents. But don't be 
annoyed with me, be annoyed with yourself and the system you want to follow. I will 
now present the longer version of an explanation, maybe you can then see the big 

Children have been there as long as we have been on this earth, because they are 
the start of every new human life. We all come here on earth as babies and it does 
not matter if we come into a poor or a wealthy family. Most of us come from two 
people who loved each other. We come back here on earth, as older souls, to redo 
a job or to learn a new part in life. The soul comes into that body to do the task it 
needs to accomplish. A body is, as I have described before, only there for the time 
the soul needs to accomplish its task. These days, people are looking for answers 
and a new way to survive here on earth. They believe that this earth is coming to an 
end, as we are destroying it, and that will be the end of human life. People have been 
trying to find a solution for a long time. What we forget is that we humans are the
problem and that we make living here on earth impossible in the long run. Many books
have been written and scientists have been talking for many years about what to do. 
For years, we have been trying to find a solution for our problems. But we fail to see 
that our own life and all new lives start in and around us. We forget to look after our 
children. We only teach them what to do to survive in this world of destruction. 
We don't teach them about the world in which everything is possible and everything 
happens in a positive way.

We have tried to educate our children like the members of an orchestra, in which 
everyone has to play his part.  That is the way the conductor wants to lead his orchestra. 
Nobody can play his own life.That was the point where everything went 
wrong, and now we are all a product of that misunderstanding. We are not an 
orchestra, but an energy field. We do not need to live like members of an orchestra, 
listening to a conductor. We are individual souls who need to accomplish a task in
this particular life. No more, no less.

So what is happening differently to our newborns now? Nothing! They still come the 
same way they did for thousands of years. Nothing has changed. The children are 
still the same, but our system and the way of living have changed completely. 
We are far away from the Core and we no longer see the energy that is around us. 
We are totally blind in what we are doing, because we are only there for the system. 
We are far away from life, from accomplishing our tasks. We are standing 
completely still in our participating in the Core and our Universal energy. We do 
not believe in it any more. Our newborns are still coming with the same tasks as 
did as human beings have had for thousands of years. Our lives have become 
empty, as we are no longer aware that every human being is unique and has his own
task to accomplish. Because our system has now reached a stage where it cannot 
have full control over us any longer, we see that our children are taking control over the 
system. It is nothing new, it is not a miracle, not a supernatural thing. It is something 
we forgot to do and we were afraid of, because the system would punish us! We were 
not there for our children. We had so much to do; our work in the system, we were 
busy with ourselves and so the children found their own way. All those years, the 
system failed in its way of providing education. 

For many years, we were lost in a system based on wars and manipulation. Now we 
have reached a stage where we, adults are so negatively loaded that a newborn can
take control over us. They do so by thinking simply, straight to the point and without 
any logic, to our mind. We adults are far beyond the point newborn has, when it 
arrives here on earth. These children, our new Indigo children are no more and no 
less than children of thousands of years ago! Painful? It must be, because we failed 
to learn from our earlier mistakes. We refused to learn from the books that tell us what 
went wrong in the past. The United States keeps looking for wars and most people 
are blind. Nobody stands up and listens to the newborns who tell and show us a way 
without war and violence. All the time, we get signs from around the world that violence
is not the answer to our problems. But, as there are those people who are wealthy but 
still want more money, more fame and more domination, they force us to follow them, 
and we end up in darkness. Following the system, we no longer have control over our 
children. The younger people create their own world, based on positive energy and 
positive power. They know that our system has failed miserably and that it is falling 
apart by wars and pain. So they create a completely different world, one we knew, 
but lost a long time ago. These children do not learn from us, but we should learn 
from them! Again, they are not more gifted than we are, they just have more courage 
than we have, to follow the Core in life. 

So what should we do? We should simply observe where these children are going. 
We should watch their path and by changing ourselves as well, we can all be a part 
of the Core and Universal life. Sometimes, it may look as if these young people only
think of themselves, but that is only the mirror they hold up for us. They are capable 
of working with energy, to heal others and to help others who are in pain and danger. 
These youngsters are the same as we were, until we let ourselves be changed by 
the system. They are here now, because they are no longer interested in that system.

As I wrote a long time ago: Every newborn baby is capable of going its own way. 
It does not need schools, no system and no material things!

I was one of these youngsters and I was always against the system. I did not listen to 
the system. I went my own way and I learned what was important for me. I am still not 
a part of the system and I can show you the path to go. It is an open honest way of 
living, in a world without domination and without people who believe in fame, matter 
or money. It has never been an easy path to follow, but I think that I have shown that 
a system is not necessary in our lives. I know these "new children" well, because I'm 
one of them. I never lost the feeling and I have always kept in contact with the Core. 
These children are no more and no less than we all are. Thanks to the failing system, 
the children of today get more opportunities to continue being themselves and so to 
accomplish their tasks in life.

No supernatural, no Indigo or other beautiful names. These are children who keep 
connected to a higher self, the Core and Universe. We can learn from them and if 
you really want, there is a possibility to get back to your own path. Look at these 
children, follow them, listen to them, feel and understand them. Good luck! I hope to 
see you soon, back on our collective track.

(Chapter 100)




"Being human is helping each other"


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