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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 10 -

You cannot see it, but you can feel it

There is something that we cannot see, but that we believe in. Normally, we do not
believe what we cannot see. But because we can feel it, we accept that it exists. 
It is something we need in our lives every minute. What I'm talking about is "air".

Without air, there are no human, animal or botanical life forms. All life forms need air, 
the thing you cannot see, but only feel. This is the most important source of life.

What applies to water, also applies to air: Why do we pollute it? Every time we 
breathe, we inhale polluted air; air polluted by industries and by our cars. Every 
second, we introduce more chemicals into the air and poison it.

As is the case with air, we and our system do nothing to solve this problem. 
There are endless talks about wars, but if someone makes a statement about 
what is happening to our air, he is dismissed. It happened to Mr. Gore, who has 
many of the facts about what is happening on our planet. Global warming is 
developing so fast that we only have 50 years left on earth. 50 YEARS before it
is so hot that we cannot live here any longer. So what does Mr. Bush call him: 
"A liar and a crazy old man". Looking at what Mr. Bush is doing right now, we 
have reason enough to doubt his judgment. But if you open your mouth, the system 
shuts you up or eliminates you. It is declared a matter of state security.

The system is always looking for the money behind everything. The system only 
believes in the power of money. The system wants to reduce sickness to normal
proportions, but at the same time fails to do anything about air and water pollution.

For how much longer, we do not know. Mr. Gore tells us that we have less than 50 years,
others tell us maybe a hundred years, but all agree that it will go fast. Perhaps we will
not witness it, but our children will: A polluted world full of sick people. Please think 
about that.

(Chapter 10)  




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